We prefer our first meeting to be onsite. We'll take preliminary measurements, shoot photo’s and discuss your ideas. We'll then create a basic design and description of work needed to perform the project. We encourage the exchange of pictures and ideas via email. We often prepare computer renditions of options available and suggest possible scenarios.

A realistic estimate for costs based on materials from our latest data base will be presented. We may include optional items or designs for consideration. All construction meets or exceeds local building codes.

When final materials are selected a job description and schedule is established. Most details will be in order before the start of the project     to insure an uninterrupted calendar.

 We manage the permitting process, ordering, tracking and delivery of materials and all labor required to complete the work.

During some projects the opportunity may arise for us to recommend alternatives, or perhaps you may have an idea for a modification – we are most happy to accommodate!

 We maintain clear communication with you and any others involved such as architects or engineers, etc during construction. We  promptly address and correct any problems that  may arise.

Work sites are kept clean and organized for safety and to minimize any inconvenience.